Hey everyone, excited to share some incredible memories with you! Remember Efizzy Nite 2023? It was an absolute blast!

Elyon Images: Capturing the Experience

Efizzy Nite, the ultimate young adult praise party in Canada, is always a highlight. We’ve had the privilege of covering this fantastic event for years for House of Praise, and this time we decided to add a little extra by offering both live concert photography and our signature photobooth.

The energy in the air was electrifying and Efizzy Nite had the stage set for some amazing performances, featuring artists like Naomi Raine of Maverick City Music and Tim Bowman Jr.

The mission was simple – we didn’t just want to capture the performances; we aimed to document the very essence of the night. We wanted to capture the music, the worship, the energy, and everything in between. Our live concert photography and the super fun photobooth became our tools to achieve this.

The ElyonBooth: Capturing Excitement and Anticipation

The photobooth was set and ready for the crowd. In a matter of minutes, the vast lobby was flooded with excited young adults, brimming with anticipation for the concert to begin. The energy was palpable, and they turned to the photobooth to capture their excitement with friends. Laughter and smiles filled the air as every snapshot was cleverly stamped with the Efizzy Nite branding and hashtags, a keepsake of the joyous anticipation that filled the room.

Naomi Raine: A Worshipful Prelude

Naomi Raine took the stage and set the atmosphere with powerful worship. Every voice in the building joined in harmony as she led the crowd in singing “Jireh.” The atmosphere was electric, charged with worship and praise.

Pastor Wale Akinsiku’s Inspiring Message

Following the music, Pastor Wale Akinsiku, fondly known as “PWA,” delivered a simple yet powerful message that touched the hearts of many. His words resonated, prompting a number of attendees to dedicate their lives to Christ, a beautiful testament to the transformative power of God.

Pastor Wale Akinsiku holding his hand over his heart while ministering to the youth adults at Efizzy nite 2023

Tim Bowman Jr: A Grand Finale

Closing the night was Tim Bowman Jr., who shook down the house with his crowd-favorite anthem “Nobody but God.” The energy was infectious, and the crowd was on their feet, rejoicing in the truth behind the lyrics.

Tim Bowman Jr. holding a long note with back bent while singing at Efizzy Nite 2023 in House of Praise Mississauga

Elyon Images: Our Unique Blend

What sets Elyon Images apart is our ability to seamlessly blend the fun of a photobooth experience with the excitement of live event coverage. We’re all about telling a story through our lens. Every shot, whether on stage or in the photobooth, is a piece of the vibrant Efizzy Nite story.

We’ve put together some awesome photos for you to relive the night. It’s a journey through the memories that made Efizzy Nite 2023 so epic. Each photograph captures a moment, and we’re thrilled to share them with you.

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